5 Must-Have Investments For A Family-Friendly Home

5 Must-Have Investments For A Family-Friendly Home

Creating a home that is both comfortable and family-friendly can seem like a daunting task. But with the right investments, it doesn't have to be. Here’s our take on must-have home investments that can help transform your home into a safe and inviting space for your family.


1. Outdoor Zip Blind - Protect Against Rain And Allow Children To Use Outdoor Areas Even When It Is Raining


A zip blind is a must-have investment for any family-friendly home! It provides a protective barrier against rain, allowing children to safely use outdoor areas without fear of getting soaked and risk of falling sick. As parents ourselves, we know how tough it is to keep children in when it is raining. Why not maximise your outdoor area with zip blinds and transform it into an indoor play zone for your children? Our Viola motorised zip blind is easy to activate with the touch of a button and watch it all transformed within a matter of seconds! 

Zip blinds are made from durable materials, so you can count on them to provide lasting protection against rain and harmful UV rays. They also come in various colours and styles to suit your home's exterior design. With a zip blind, rest assured your family is well protected from the harsh weather!

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2. Invisible Grilles - Safety for Children and Pets From Windows

Invinsible Grille Curtain Suite


Having invisible grilles installed around your home is a must-have investment for families with children and pets. This will keep them safe from being able to access the outside, preventing any accidents or escapes. Not only will this give you peace of mind, but it will also keep your view, as the grilles are barely visible from afar. The grilles can also be customised to fit any window size or shape, making them a great option for families. It is also a great option to cat-proof your home. To cat-proof a home, we recommend having the invisible grilles 1.5” apart from each other, compared to the usual 3” - 4”.  Installing these invisible grilles is a perfect way to ensure the safety of your children and pets, while also making your home look good.

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3. Water Sterilizer - Safe & Simple, Purified Water With Different Temperatures. Milk Preparation Made Easy, Particularly Essential for Families with Newborns

Water Dispenser Curtain Suite

Having a water sterilizer in the home is a must-have for any family. It provides safe, clean, and purified water for cooking, and drinking, and especially for families with small kids, for milk preparation. You can easily select from multiple water temperatures for different needs almost instantly! Say goodbye to the old days of boiling water and waiting for it to cool. With a water sterilizer, parents can be sure that their baby is getting the cleanest and safest water possible.

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4. Blade-less fan - Safety for Kids and Pets

Bladeless Fan Curtain Suite


Another must-have safety feature for a family-friendly home is a blade-less fan. Blade-less fans are designed to be safer for children, pets, and adults alike by eliminating the risk of blades cutting or injuring someone accidentally. Not only do blade-less fans provide a much safer cooling system, but they also improve air quality by releasing fewer allergens into the air. As a bonus, blade-less fans are quieter and more energy efficient than traditional fans. With all of these benefits, a blade-less fan is a safer alternative to keep those curious hands away from the risk of injury caused by traditional fans with blades. 

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5. Automated Laundry Rack - Convenient, Quick-Drying & Antibacterial 

Automated Laundry Rack Curtain Suite


A family with kids cannot go without an automated laundry rack. It is so convenient and provides so many functions to make laundry a breeze. With its quick-drying and UV antibacterial features, it ensures clothes get dried fully even during rainy and humid days and is better for children with sensitive skin. The automated laundry rack is mounted onto the ceiling, so it is space-saving and can be retracted upwards into the system when not in use, making it ideal for even small homes. Compared to the old-school way of drying clothes on bamboo poles, our automated laundry rack is definitely sleeker-looking, more efficient, and safer for you and your family. 

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